We believe that bags should not be mere products but a part of our daily lives.

Angelia & Pets相信包包不只是商品而是人們生活中的好夥伴!

Just like the fashion elfin Angelia who cannot be separated from her pets, even when they are a bunch of ass kissing, “wisdom” spouting, poker-faced liars. Angelia & Pets brand philosophy is built on this platform that we want to be surrounded by creations with warmth and individuality. Our bags are not “just bags”…

就像品牌主角 - 時尚小精靈Angelia與陪伴在它身邊的調皮搗蛋的寵物們,無論是鱷魚、貓、狗還是豬,都擁有截然不同的個性,有的逢迎諂媚有的愛說謊話有的甚至一天到晚放屁,但生活中少了他們就失去了樂趣與活力。Angelia & Pets期待將這樣的關係和創意轉化為每一個有情感溫度的作品結晶,陪伴我們生活的每一天。