Angelia & Pets stands firmly on the brand philosophy and build up a unique culture of its own.

Angelia & Pets 期許呈現給消費者的不是單純、冰冷的商品,而是有個性與情感的作品。

A&P philosophy runs through every single detail of the brand, from the initial idea to the ultimate concept, from the original design to the final products. Both the packaging and products manifest its brand spirit and deliver its interpretation on social tendencies.

堅持做擁有自己品牌文化與哲學的Angelia & Pets;每一樣商品的開發與誕生,皆是以品牌的哲學出發,無論是產品本身還是包裝設計皆是品牌思考後的巧思與概念,並利用創意表現傳遞品牌背後的想法以及對於社會現象的解讀。

Angelia & Pets aims to communicate with customers through merchandise. Goods are no longer run- of- the- mill but creations with thoughts and characteristics.Insistent on selective materials, attentive to the minutest details therefore generate the reflective creations of Angelia & Pets.

產品上,Angelia & Pets期許呈現給消費者的不是單純、冰冷的商品,而是有個性與情感的作品。嚴選的製作材料是我們基本的堅持;暗藏玄機的細節設計則傳遞了Angelia & Pets獨一無二的創意語言。

Apart from being products, merchandise stimulates dialogues with consumers.

藉由五官感受,產品不再只是產品,Angelia & Pets與消費者有了對話。