Angelia & Pets is an original carry wear brand from Taipei Taiwan, established by a passionate design team since 2010...

Angelia & Pets是來自台灣台北的原創包包品牌,由熱愛設計的創意團隊於2010年正式成立至今...

Not Just Bags! We aim to be part of our customers’ daily life and a true reflection of their individuality and creativity. Angelia & Pets is one of a kind, full of surprises and consistently seeking higher standards in what we do.

“Stupid Bags For Smart People”

We believe and trust that you know best what you want. Hence an Angelia & Pets product will never be over designed just to be different but every detail is there for a purpose.

不只是包包!Angelia & Pets將幽默與創意融合至品牌之中,除了傳達出與眾不同的品牌精神,更認為包包不單純是商品,而是有情感溫度的作品,陪伴我們生活的每一天。

“Stupid Bags For Smart People”

Angelia & Pets相信:包包是生活中最頻繁使用的商品,人們都很聰明,功能如何使用物品如何放置,都有一定的習慣。因此Angelia & Pets不追求多餘的繁複功能,而是思考小地方的獨特設計,為消費者帶來其他產品所沒有的個性。